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Israel is a tiny country in a region of turmoil and hostility.


It’s often compared in size to New Jersey. But a parallel which Tucson-area residents may better appreciate is that Israel is a nation with about the same amount of land as Pima County.









Since its founding, Israel’s

strongest and most crucial lifeline on earth
has been its friendship
with the United States

and the members of the US Congress.

There is no better insurance premium to

be paid on behalf of Israel than to support

those members of Congress who

understand and nurture this relationship. 




The Need

Maintaining Israel as a beacon of freedom

and innovation is crucial for its citizens

– and for ours.


For this reason, members of the Tucson Jewish community, winter visitors, and out-of-town members join the Desert Caucus. Our efforts help ensure  that billions continue to flow

to  our unique and indispensable

ally in the Middle East. 


With the attitudes of its neighbors

ranging from cool détente to

genocidal fervor, Israel continues

to need the support and 

assistance that only     

the US can provide.    


To become part of this   

endeavor, contact us    

for more  information.  



Pima County

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