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What is the Desert Caucus?

Founded in 1978, the Desert Caucus is a bipartisan Political Action Committee (PAC) whose mission is to promote and strengthen the relationship between the United States and Israel. It is one of the oldest

pro-Israel PACs in the country.


What is the function of the Desert Caucus?

The Desert Caucus provides financial support to major party candidates for the US Senate and the House of Representatives who have demonstrated their

support of a strong US–Israel relationship.


Who may join the Desert Caucus?

Regular membership is open to members of

the Jewish community who wish to contribute

to a strong US–Israel relationship.

Out-of-town members are welcome.


What is the cost to join?

Regular membership dues are $1200 per

year. Reduced dues are offered for

singles, part-time residents, out-of-town

members, and those 40 years

of age and under.





What events do you hold?

With occasional exceptions, our typical

events are Sunday brunches.



Why is membership in the Desert

Caucus important?

By joining together, like-minded individuals can share views and express concerns, projecting a stronger voice as a group. With campaign finance laws dramatically limiting

the amounts that individuals can

contribute to political campaigns,

Tucsonans who care about the future

of the US–Israel relationship can

maximize their political voice by

joining our Political Action Committee.


Does the Desert Caucus

contribute to Arizona


No, we give no funding to

Arizona candidates.

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